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David Brooks

A bit of info

profileDavid moved to London in the summer of ’89 from Yorkshire to become a rock star and started playing in bands such as World Of Leather, Cutting Crew and D:REAM. Then in 1996 he got the keyboard job with Gary Numan.

Playing with Gary Numan has certainly been different to playing in Sway Allstars.  Certainly, as with other band members of Sway, who have also enjoyed touring around America and the rest of the world, the tours, TV shows and festivals have all been a great training ground. They allow everyone to bring something interesting and unique back to their performance in Sway Allstars Orchestra.

David has been playing for Bananarama since 2013 and in 2016 he got to perform with Samuel Jackson (as a Jedi!) in the Star Wars sound-stage room at Abbey Road Studios in London. Sway were the house band at private Karaoke party that Samuel put on in aid of his charity “One For The Boys”.

David has been lucky enough to travel the world with many artists.

He is also one quarter of a DJ based live show called Coco along with Angela Brooks.

Who he has played with


An integral and consistent member of Sway Allstars Orchestra, you will always see David rocking at the back!

A few photos of David Brooks