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DJ Live in London

Thought we would share with you some new DJ Live in London pics that have been taken at Tropicana Beach Club in Covent Garden, London. We are loving these DJ live gigs – such high energy and the dance floor is always packed the whole night!

DJ Live in London

The concept behind a ‘DJ Live’ act comes from when DJs in clubs way back in the day started working with live percussionists, who played along with whatever the DJ played, adding to the spectacle and giving it a “live” feel. This was developed over the years by adding sax players or singers, and then we had the idea about 10 years ago to try and build a band around a DJ – “DJ Live” was born!

With a bit of magic dust and imagination in our studio, we chop up all the greatest ‘hands in the air, sing-along dance-floor filling classics’ of the last 40 years and have them in our DJ decks on the night. We can then perform a live non-stop DJ mixed set of SONGS, not club jams, with a live band.

The line-up can be expanded with a percussionist or even a full band but the line-up that works best (and most) for us is a 4 piece band hire.

If you want to hire the DJ Live then get in touch, either through our contact form or by calling 01435 408083. We can’t wait to hear from you!