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Dubai Duty Free Welcomes Sway

Dubai Duty Free has welcomed Sway Allstars Orchestra back for 3 nights of music, food and dancing.

6 of our finest musicians travelled over to Dubai to showcase some amazing music, guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor.

So all 3 nights were enjoyed by all. The band were very well received and the playlist went down very well. Dubai Duty Free have their world headquarters here and they have a massive infrastructure in Dubai, almost like a small town! The venue for our event was The Irish Village, laid out with many tables, a fantastic dance floor and large screen to ensure all could see the band.

Dubai Duty Free

It was indeed a great night. David Brooks, keyboard player for Sway commented that he was woken this morning to a lady playing the piano in the lobby of the hotel, near his room – a perfect way to start the morning! The band have had a day off between gigs, which has been ideal.

Sway Allstars Orchestra work with many corporate companies. Corporate events take us all over the world, but Dubai is a real favourite! As we are a great party band, we offer a huge repertoire of music, from the popular classics to current music, so we guarantee your night will always be a great success.

If you are looking to book Sway Allstars for your corporate event, then either call us on 01435 408083 or make an enquiry and we will get right back to you.

These are just a few of the amazing photographs that were taken, during the set up, showing the layout of the venue and then the band, Sway Allstars Orchestra, who were, as usual … awesome!