sway at spirit awards 20

Easyjet Awards Night 2018

Here you go. Some photos of yet another amazing evening at the Easyjet Awards Night 2018. This was the eighth awards night Sway Allstars have attended and they just get better and better! Once again at The Brighton Centre.

Sway Allstars were, as ever, awesome! The 10 piece line up was perfect for this great Brighton venue. On lead vocals were TJ Davis, Angela Brooks and Joel Fender. Then David Brooks on keyboards, Nicky Twister Owen on bass, Lee Burnett on guitar and Stuart Anning on drums. For brass, we then had the amazing Jack Birchwood, Kat Deal and Simon Merry – always a winner!

We opened our show performing together with the wonderful ACM Gospel Choir who were also working on the event.

We played live stings for the speakers and award winners during the awards ceremony and then did a 2 hour party set. The playlist was fairly contemporary, as the audience were quite a trendy bunch. Our music is designed to get everyone up and dancing and to keep them there. Well it worked!

Sway Allstars are also starting to implement wireless radio packs for band members. This means they can dance freely round the stage and indeed the whole venue. David had his keytar along with the brass players and percussionist, who spent a lot of the set out dancing with the audience. This really made the night even better for everyone!

Having live music at your venue is great, but having Sway Allstars takes it one step further! If you would like to book Sway for your corporate event then please either call us on 01435 408083 or fill in our contact form and someone will be back in touch.

So many great photos of the night and these are just a selection. Photo creds go to Lucy Mooney, of Studio 11