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Gary Numan 2016 UK Tour by David Brooks

I’ve been playing for Gary for 21 years. I got the gig when his brother left the band to become a commercial pilot and I knew Gary through TJ (one of Sway’s singers) who was, at the time, Gary’s backing singer. Since then we’ve toured all over the world and played at just about every festival you can think of. We just did a short tour of the UK, where we just played songs from Gary’s first three “Classic” albums – Replicas (1979), The Pleasure Principle (1979) & Telekon (1980).


We had four days rehearsals at John Henry’s Rehearsal Studios in London and then we were off – 11 shows with one day off in the middle. We travelled around the country in a tour bus with equipment in a trailer on the back. There were five band, five crew, Gary’s wife and a driver living, sleeping and eating on the bus for twelve days and nights. There are beds and a lounge upstairs and a lounge/diner/kitchen and a toilet downstairs (see the pictures below!).

The gigs were all amazing and different and virtually all sold out…



The great thing about doing a “Classic” album tour, is that you can see that it unites people in the audience. The music has meant so much to these strangers for so long, it has meant the same thing to most of them and they all have similar memories. You can see them all leaving like old friends at the end of the show because they’ve all got so much in common – it brings people together.

At the end of the tour Gary threw an end of tour party on a boat on the Thames for fans, friends and all people that had worked on the tour. It was a great night and a good opportunity to catch up with people without there being a gig that night. There were a few sore heads the next morning!

Our thanks to some of our friends for these photographs – you know who you are…