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Ideal Band For Corporate Events

Having great versatility is always an advantage when looking for live music. So often the venue can only fit a certain number on the stage and this can be a problem for some bands for hire. However, Sway Allstars is a little different in the fact that we are completely open to how many people you would like and are able to hear play. This is what makes us such an ideal band for corporate events and charity dos!

We can offer a solo pianist, who can play in the foyer when all your guests are entering the venue. Background music is perfect for this, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Also, having a pianist is perfect for a corporate event – professional, classy and far better than recorded music.

Then it moves up to our 5 piece band hire or 7 piece, which are really popular choices. They are ideal if space is at a minimum. With our 5 piece band, we will normally have 1 singer, then there is normally our keyboard player, bass player, rhythm guitar and drummer. This will be the standard layout for our 5 piece line up. For 7 piece band hire you will benefit from 2 more singers, making it 3 in total.

Then the number just increases as you go up. For our 10 piece band, you will have the same as 7 piece, but in addition you will get a brass section – great sound and a really great idea for a band for corporate events. Then 12 piece adds yet another amazing singer plus a percussionist.

But if you have lots of space and really want to wow your directors or clients, then how about adding a string quartet and some dancers? This makes up our 20 piece band hire and is a really impressive show for everyone.

And we really get the party started – you only have to see our playlists or hear some of our videos to know that we will have your guests on the dance floor all night, enjoying song after song of great dance music – something for everyone!

With many Christmas events now underway for Sway Allstars, at some amazing venues, we make an ideal band for corporate events and work parties. And we have worked at many very impressive events over the years. You only have to look back at our blog to see this. Or perhaps take a look at some of the venues we have played in.

Having live music at your venue is great, but having Sway Allstars takes it one step further! If you would like to book Sway for your corporate event then please either call us on 01435 408083 or fill in our contact form and someone will be back in touch. We look forward to hearing from you…