sway at spirit awards 20

Off to Venice with IBM

Last week, Sway Allstars Orchestra had an early start and flew off to Venice. This was for a week-long IBM conference. They’re an American company and the event was run by an America production company, Drury Design from New York.

This event had taken about 6 months of organisation, with Sway Allstars liaising with their New York offices. The band spent all day today rehearsing with an American Musical Director, with more rehearsals the following day and then on the 11th May they spent the day playing music for the IBM delegates as they came into the theatre – the Venice Stucky Hilton Hotel. Then as each speaker or award winner walked onto the stage the band played live “stings” (music to accompany them walking on and off).

This all happened on the 11th, 13th and 15th May, with a completely different audience from a different part of the world each day. On the evenings of the 11th, 13th and 15th Sway played three gigs for the three audiences at a place called Misericordia, which is an ancient church.

The band’s hotel, the Stucky Hilton and the Misericordia are all on different islands so, whilst logistically it could have been a nightmare, the water-taxis were a lot of fun!

What an amazing experience for Sway Allstars Orchestra. Just another day in the office…