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Polly Pearce

A bit of info…


North London born and bred singer songwriter Polly has been surrounded by musical talent since day one. With her father being a well known bass player and mother a jazz singer and west end star, it was inevitable that music would be Polly’s calling.

Polly began her singing career alongside American dance band HB Wild, where she was flown to China for 6 months to perform. Since then she has continued her love of travelling, by gigging all over the world every year with a multitude of artists and bands.

Some of the highlights of her career include; singing on the main stage at Glastonbury for Lily Allen, supporting Aerosmith in Russia whilst singing for John Newman. As well as this, having her own material brought to the stage, radio and released with The House & Garage Orchestra alongside MC Neat was a dream come true.

Polly has written music for European labels and continues to work on projects for up and coming artists and publishers

Who she has played with

As well as being a songwriter, as you can see, Polly has sung with many other great performers:


A natural born performer, Polly loves lighting up a stage with 110% energy that makes everyone get up and dance!

Here is one of the videos of Polly singing on stage at Glastonbury with Lily Allen and then also recording with John Newman.

A few photos of Polly Pearce