sway at spirit awards 20

Royal Holloway College – What a Night!

Last Friday Sway Allstars had a busy night! First they played at a rugby club summer ball for the evening and then they travelled up to the Royal Holloway College in Egham, Surrey, to play at their all night summer ball.

These “festivals” used to be extremely popular and always massive productions across the country. All night gigs at colleges and universities were held every years, with funfairs, several stages, food vans and bars open all night.

Here’s a short burst from us – not a professional recording but you get to hear us a little! Can you spot yourself in the crowd?

Back in the day, we have played alongside some top bands, including Girls Aloud, Michelle Gayle, East 17, The Brand New Heavies, Supergrass, The Lightning Seeds, Dodgy, All Saints and The Commitments, to name just a few. However and sadly, these all night festivals are more of a rarity now, with the Royal Holloway College being one of the only colleges that have continued with them.

But we love it and have been up to Egham every year for the last 15 years. This year there were DJs as well as live bands, including Example.

Sway Allstars played while the sun came up, from 4.30 – 6am – an outside gig in a beautiful big old quadrant that is in their main building, the Founders building.

A great gig as ever – Thanks Royal Holloway!