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Sway Headlined at Eroica Britannia Festival in Bakewell

Sway Allstars Orchestra headlined at the Eroica Britannia Festival in Bakewell on Saturday night, which is a 3 day family festival of music, food, lifestyle and cycling. The festival started in Italy and is inspired by the fashions, lifestyle and cycling of the early 1900s.

It is very family based with lots of entertainment and things to do for all ages, including camping and it all finished with a massive retro bike ride (every bike had to be of at least a certain age) around the Peak District.

Sway Allstars at Eroica Britannia in Bakewell

Sway all drove up and straight back again and the gig was great – hundreds of parents with their kids dancing around in the mud as the sun came down. It was great fun; we didn’t camp with them as we drove straight back to London but we might next year!

The crowd were loving it and I think if we’d have played for any longer they would have stormed the stage. It was getting pretty close and few people had already tried it!