sway at spirit awards 20

A Summer Of Weddings

Sway Allstars play at a lot of weddings. And we mean a lot! We work tirelessly throughout the summer, at different venues, large and small, entertaining friends and family of brides and grooms. And we love it!

We are always so busy getting set up, having sound checks and then getting the party going, that we forget to take photographs. We normally have to rely on the partygoers to send us photos of the events, and of this we are very grateful. Weddings are a massive part in our diary of events and we probably don’t always shout about them – we don’t just work at large corporate events or festivals. Throughout the summer months we may go a little quiet, but that is because we are so busy!

Sway Allstars Orchestra

We do perform at celebrity weddings and were a part of one amazing day in particular, over this summer, which we are currently waiting on a few great photos for. However, more often than not, the weddings that Sway Allstars perform at the more intimate family weddings that are low key, relaxed and just a great evening for everyone.

Our playlists will guarantee that you are up on the dancefloor from start to finish – we never have to persuade people to come and dance, with the music we play, there can always be someone heard exclaiming “ooh I love this song!”

Our thanks go to One Thousand Words for these most recent photographs – we look forward to more from you, once they have been editted guys! A great fun wedding we played at recently in Dorset. Fantastic couple!

Over the years, our band has evolved. We work with so many talented band members, who just find it in them naturally to always perform their best – they know how to rock a party!

If you are getting married and would like to chat with us about the plans for your wedding and the options you would like for live music, then please call us on 01435 408083. Please leave a message and someone will be back in touch!