sway at spirit awards 20

Easyjet Awards Night 2019

Sway Allstars are always very excited to be invited to play at the Easyjet Awards Night. An amazing crowd to perform for, with an electric atmosphere – just how Sway love it!

The 2019 event took place in Berlin this year, which was an incredible event. The new CEO Johan Lungren is Swedish, so the awards were held in Berlin, to reflect the international community of the workforce. Previously held at the Brighton Centre, The Brighton Dome and Indig02.

The band all flew out on the 14th January, on an EasyJet flight, funnily enough! We then rehearsed the awards show with all the presenters on the 15th and did the show that night.

Sway Allstars are often asked to play live stings, as it is a far better way to introduce the award winners, rather than recorded music. We played these live walk-on ‘stings’ for presenters as well as award winners as they walked onto the stage. EasyJet chose all of the pieces of music we played from our very long repertoire of tried and tested stings. It gives the event a real Wow factor!

After the awards ceremony we played a party set as all the guests let their hair down after the formalities of the evening.  It was a black tie ball and a very glamorous affair and in typical EasyJet style – IT WENT OFF! All the guests were all staying in our hotel and it continued well into the night!

We then flew back to London the next day.

There were so many great photographs taken of the night, courtesy of Kit Fanner. So this time we have split them into different galleries:

The Venue

These are the photographs that really showcase the size of the venue. It really portrays the kind of event that Sway perform at – great aerial shots!

The Vocals

As ever, we had an amazing line up. Angela Brooks, TJ Davis and also Meshach Broderick. They entertained everyone for the whole night, with remarkable performances from all three!

The Band

And here we have the band…or most of them! With our amazing saxophonist, Kat Deal, as well as David on keyboard, Jack Birchwood on trumpet, Nick on bass, Stuart on drums and Lee on guitar. The incredible performance by them was totally on point, professional as well a, quite frankly amazing!

If you have an event to organise and would like to book Sway Allstars to perform then please get in touch! We would be delighted to speak to you about it. Either by calling 01435 408083, filling in our contact form or emailing us. Someone will then be in touch to give you all the necessary information. Can’t wait to chat!