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How We Put The “All Stars” into Sway…

Sway Allstars are very fortunate. Not only do we get to visit the most amazing places. But we get to do that with many people who we love! As a band, we have performed together for quite some time now. Creating a fabulous sound and performance for those who come to see us.

So how do we put the “All Stars” into Sway? The bond we share with our other band members is unbreakable. We have a core team who are always super busy, especially at this time of year. Between us, we create an on-stage presence that not all live bands have. Knowing each other as well as we do and having performed together for many many amazing gigs, means that our sound is exceptional. And we guarantee you will agree too!

And as we have grown over the years, we now work with many more AMAZING performers who we know we can call upon when needed. Very often, we will have two gigs on the same night. With all the fabulous artists we now have, this is no problem!

What we do

Whether it is for a wedding, party, corporate event or festival, we are there to entertain…and that’s what we do! We have worked with the likes of Richard Branson, Samuel L Jackson, Nicole Scherzinger, Lamar and many more of this generation’s greats. We have performed at celebrity weddings, launched cars, headlined at festivals and performed at many many award nights. These are always fun nights to join in with, the formal start and then everyone really lets their hair down – great fun for everyone!

Do you want us for your event?

So our next question to you is…how can we help make your event even more fabulous? We guarantee that your guests will go home with sore feet but high spirits. Our dance floors are rarely empty – everyone knows the songs we perform, but with live music, each song always seem more special.

We are the quintessential SHOWBAND and our job is to make your event go with a real bang and be super FABULOUS!

If you want to book Sway Allstars, then please just get in touch.  Either by calling 01435 408083, filling in our contact form or emailing us.

Can’t wait!