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Nicole Scherzinger and “One For The Boys”

In the light of everything happening everywhere in the world at the moment, it has given us all a chance to take stock, reevaluate life as well as having lots of time to complete jobs and projects we have been meaning to do for years. On trawling through all the information we have from over the years, we have just found the most amazing videos of us, performing with Nicole Scherzinger at the “One for the Boys” charity Fashion Ball. Now this is going back a little while now, but doesn’t Nicole look amazing!! We are so proud to have worked with this amazing lady. And if you look through some of the comments on her videos below, then you will see how the world sees her talent as well!

One For The Boys is a cancer fighting charity for men. So we are real advocates for this. And to be asked to perform alongside these amazing artists was a privilege and a total joy. It was at Samuel Jackson’s ‘One For The Boys’ charity Fashion Ball at the Victoria & Albert museum in London

The band line-up was Stuart Anning on cajon (this is a wooden box with a hole in it that you sit on and play like a drum), Nick Owen was on bass, Richard Cole on guitar, David, Ange and Andrea Grant on backing vocals.  TJ is also in the second video. On the bill was also Tinie Tempah and Kylie Minogue.

In the audience were Richard Roundtree (the original Shaft), Tico Torres (drummer with Bon Jovi), David Gandy (supermodel), Eva Herzigova (supermodel), Asa Butterfield (actor), Heston Blumenthal (chef), Stanley Tucci (actor). What an amazing night and we still all remember it with such great memories…


This first video is Nicole singing Don’t Cha by her band The Pussy Cat Dolls and also Moves Like Jagger, originally by Maroon 5.

This second video is her performing Purple Rain by Prince. One of her dear friends and you can see how special it is to her. Both videos are well worth watching!

Obviously we can’t guarantee that Scherzy will perform at your event, but we can! If you have an event, product launch, wedding, awards night or any event where you want professional live music, then please get in touch!