sway at spirit awards 20

Travelling to Jaipur…

Wow wow wow! What an amazing trip Sway Allstars have just travelled. This really does warrant two blogs. One for the first part of our journey and then we will be posting another for the actual event itself.

We flew out to Jaipur the day before the show, so after we checked into our hotel, we all went out for a look round this amazing city. Jaipur is a ridiculously crowded and chaotic place and we have never seen driving like this! Basically, everything that you learnt about driving in the UK doesn’t apply here. Having said that, the only way to see the city properly is by Tuk Tuk.

The event we were performing at was the Jaipur Palace, a Royal Residence. And the King was going to be attending. The palace is open to the public and was therefore rammed with people taking pictures of us while we were trying to sound-check!

Amazing country, fabulous culture, fantastic sights and just an incredible trip! We had a relaxing evening in the hotel’s rooftop poolside bar – the following day was going to be a long day…

Obviously we don’t want you to think our lives are all party party…but yes we suppose they are! Take a look at some of these photographs. Please just click to enlarge them:

Travelling to Jaipur

Setting up