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The Sway Allstars Orchestra have performed at over 500 weddings. And who doesn’t love a wedding! We have felt extremely privileged to perform for the rich & famous as well as royalty from all over the world. At weddings that we would never in our wildest dreams have witnessed if it wasn’t for Sway. We are one of the top UK wedding bands and would feel privileged to perform at your wedding…

As well as beautiful wedding venues up and down the British Isles, we’ve been flown off to Ibiza, Lake Como, Venice, Portofino, Turkey, Majorca, Romania and even America to be at people’s special days. As the stakes are so high and everything has to be absolutely perfect, we work extra hard to make sure the bride and groom get exactly what they want. From solo performers during the ceremony, strolling bands for the start of the reception, right up to a 20 piece show band at the wedding reception in the evening.

The Wedding Service

Picture the scene… a beautiful wedding ceremony. The bride is gliding down the aisle to a solo pianist, perhaps with a singer, or maybe a solo guitarist. A perfect rendition of the bride and grooms’ favourite song, without the off-key notes from a traditional church organ. This means so much to the guests and wedding party alike. It really starts the whole day with a intimacy and professionalism that is synonymous to Sway Allstars Orchestra.

We can play throughout the service, at various points leading to a final beautiful piece of music for the newlyweds to walk out to.

Your Wedding Reception

Once the wedding breakfast is under way, Sway Allstars can feature as much or as little as you like. As a welcome when the guests are arriving, a strolling band, to mingle with your guests, live “stings” as part of the speeches. Or perhaps background music while the guests are eating. As well as an amazing evening of dance floor classics that will guarantee there are no excuses for not dancing! Sway Allstars will also liaise with the bride and groom for their first special dance together.

Having been a part of many celebrity weddings, we love all that we do. Whether it is in the UK or abroad, each one is really special. It may be in a beautiful British church, a sunny beach wedding or a civil ceremony is an intimate venue – we are happy to play wherever you require.

What we can do

We can adapt the band’s line-up, depending on whatever your requirements might be. If you would like a solo pianist or guitarist to start the day, or perhaps an all female string quartet. You might like a 4 piece DJ live set  if your stage or venue is smaller, or you may just want to dance.

But the evening celebration party is where Sway Allstars really does excel!

You might like a 6 or 7 piece band, or any combination right up to a 20 piece show – with dancers, a string quartet and brass section, percussionist and 4 fabulous singers. The combinations are endless, but our busiest line-up is definitely our 10 piece (with 3 singers and a 3 piece brass section) or our 7 piece (without the brass).

We can also organise a flashmob – so popular at the moment for thrilling your guests! These are great fun as you can see on this You Tube link.

Some of the celebrity weddings we have played at have been really exciting, but sadly we can’t give you more details…

To all of the wonderful Sway band – First of all we must give all of you a HUGE thank you for being so brilliant – so many of our guests commented on how utterly fabulous you were (they also loved the outfits!). Secondly we wanted to thank you for playing our requests, it was great to have a live band play our first dance rather than just a CD. We also want to give you a big thank you David for your patience with us in the long run up to the big day and the many emails and phone calls! You were all sensational and we wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone. Many thanks again for everything. Kindest regards, Simon & Sarah F

Want to hire us?

Whatever theme and requirement you are wanting for live music for this special day, then we can help. Please either give us a call on 01435 408083 or fill in our enquiry form and someone will be in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you…

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