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What’s your Favourite Sway Line Up?

We all have favourites. Not everyone admits it but there is always a favourite in there somewhere. Favourite child, favourite sibling, favourite song, favourite pudding! So what we know to know is…What’s your Favourite Sway Line-Up?

So we can break it down in two ways – the favourite and ideal number in the line up and the favourite band members, ahem!

Number in the Band

Well it may only be that you have seen one line up with Sway so that will probably be your favourite! However, we can elaborate a little further…

It could start at one – a solo pianist or solo guitarist – perfect for entrances or the start of the evening when guests are being welcomed. Or perhaps at a wedding, instead of a traditional organist. With civil ceremonies growing year on year, a solo pianist is a wonderful instrument to walk down the aisle to.

A 5 piece band is ideal if you have a small venue but would like to have live music. With our 5 piece band, we will normally have 1 singer. Then there is normally a keyboard player, bass player, rhythm guitar and drums. This will be the standard layout for our 5 piece line up.

If you want a variation of voices in your line up but you are still tight on space then our 7 piece band is perfect. This will be the same breakdown as a 5 piece, but with 3 singers complementing and harmonising with each other – sweet music!

Rugby PLayers Awards Night 2016 with Sway Allstars

With a 10 piece band we are really starting to grow in our orchestra numbers and you need a fair size stage to accommodate the band, especially as some of our lead vocals really like to strut their stuff! here we will be now including a brass section, making it a totally different sound for your event.

And if space is really not an issue then our 12 piece line up is fantastic. You have just got yourself yet another vocalist as well as a percussionist!

And then our 20 piece band line up really is all singing all dancing…

The Vocals

And then we want to ask, who’s your favourite on vocals? We see comments on Instagram about peoples choices for favourite singers, and all our amazing singers have their own special qualities.

Angela is a “belter”. A big versatile voice and a brilliant overall performer.
TJ is also a belter with a big voice but one of her great strengths is as a ballad singer. Perfect for dinner music or during a drinks reception.
Jai has a great modern soul voice and he will go out onto the dance floor and drag the party out of the audience.
Polly is a fantastic party girl with a great voice!
As well as having a fantastic voice, Mark also has a lot of moves!!
Joel has a ridiculous range. Once a song is up and cooking he’ll take the melody to a whole new level.
New girl Holly has a beautiful pure voice, perfect for the modern pop chart songs that we do.
Joe also has a pure but powerful voice, perfect for a Bruno Mars tune or two.

So, what we want to know is, where do you sit here? Who’s your favourite? Answers on a postcard please!!